Yifei Colorful Introduction
Yifei Colorful is a well-known and mature domestic professional cosmetic brush manufacturer that integrates innovative R&D, production and sales.
About Yifei Colorful
About us
Enterprise Profile:
   Yifei is a home and abroadwell-known professional Makeup Brush manufacturer which set of innovative r&d, production, sales as one .
   There are variety of company’s products include all the series of cosmetic tools, it is mainly about daily basic makeup brush set, professional brush set, Whiskers Brush, makeup puff, wash brush. 
Superior quality of products, professional service and friendly relationship with customers have won great honor and continuous development of market for Yifei.
   Until now, the products have been sold at home and abroad, Asia, South Korea, America and Europe all over the world.
   Enterprise Scale:
   Covering about 1250 square meters, our company has two production lines, one of which is a production line for the sub-brands of Yifei colorful industrial Co,.Ltd, the other line is dedicated line for the domestic and foreign brands. There have been more than 10 years experience of cooperation between Yifei group with domestic and foreign well-known brands, and Yifei has set up a long-term consociation with many international famous brands.
   In order to pursue more soft and comfortable of the touch for our makeup brush,Yifei has been using pure hand-making instead of machine.
   With 100 skilled employees, 15 managements and 30 technical staffs, our own factory has reached 10000000 cosmetic brushes with high quality per month.
Team composition
Team Composition:
1.Product research and development department :
   It is R&D center of Yifei with strong innovation and development capabilities that provide innovative products for enterprises and undertake sample development projects from domestic and overseas customers.
www.sfwl.com.cn Our research and development engineer, with a keen sense of fashion trends, has been engaged in the manual development of cosmetic brushes in a long time, being proficient in hand-painted and computerized about the products. Yifei operate strictly according to the development process of cosmetic tools.Our members coordinate with each other in a serious and responsible working attitude for every project excellence, providing users with maximum convenience .
2.Art department&Publicity and promotion department
   We have a good team of artists, good art and creative ability, and have many years of experience in web design and graphic design, for our enterprise specializes in publicity and promotion, fulling display the enterprise concept and strength to improve the product promotion in the mature Internet and marketing today.
3.Production department & Training department
   Production department conduct special product manufacturing work for each customer, including understanding what is the customer needs and providing solutions .The products include raw materials, auxiliary materials are all natural environmental protection to meet the strict world quality inspection standard, and the production process is purely with handmade; The training department will carry out product understanding and training to the new members.
4.Quality guarantee department:
   Quality guarantee department consists of testing department, information department and technical supervision department. Each product release is strictly controlled by the testing department to make surer that customers get high-quality products. In addition, market research is conducted on the products sold by the department of information. And the technical supervision department selected by our development department, which conducts review on product release with strict technical .
5. Sales department and Foreign trade department
   This department is mainly for promotion and sales at home and abroad of our sub-brands ZI LAN KAY and Le Coellon . The sales department accepts customer orders, whether customized or finished products, to meet the various needs of customers; Our sales model is divided into B2B and B2C. We have 1688 as domestic sales platform and Alibaba, amazon , AliExpress through the abroad sales platform. With both domestic and foreign markets, the company has achieved a million turnover in the first year.
6.After-sales service department:
   We provide a one-to-one after-sales service mode. The customer service staff will regularly ask you for questions and comments about the products and help you solve all the questions you met. We will be timely feedback to product research and development departments for the feature suggestions you have to our products, and let every customer can experience more and more high quality product.
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