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About Us
Enterprise Development History
Yifei Colorful Industrial Co., Ltd was established in February 16, 2006 . And it has experienced a long history about 12 years until 2018. Moreover the founder of Yifei Colorful Industrial Co., Ltd Mrs Feir has already committed to Makeup Brush Industry for more than 20 years.
everyday is unusual,every beauty is different,everyday live a colorful life with people all over the world;
In a long-term development work, We have accumulated rich practical experience in the characteristics and requirements of each product. Our team has high development efficiency and stable product operation. We will bring more surprises to each users while fully satisfying our customers' needs.
Team members: 143.
Average work seniority: 6 years.
Team slogan: common struggle is our strength, creating together in the future is our ideal.
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