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2018 - 05 - 03
164,000 BCArchaeologists found 164,000-year old makeup in a South African cave. The makeup, consisting of 57 pieces of ground-up rock that would have been reddish- or pinkish-brown, is called one of three hallmarks of modern life found at the site, and is one of the earliest hints of “modern” living. Previously, scientists believed that humankind of this time period weren’t advanced enough for this type of behavior, believing that modern living began approximately 40,000 to 70,000 years ago.70,000 BCHumans are painting their bodies using plant and earthen materials. Sometimes the decorations were to imitate nature [e.g. animals], and other times the patterns were from natural formations. 10,000 BCMen and women in Egypt use scented oils and ointments to clean and soften their...
2018 - 05 - 03
Updated September 15, 2016 | Makeup , PRanything-from-japan.comKumano, a city in Hiroshima Prefecture, is widely known for its superb manufacturing of a variety of brushes. With a history over 180 years that stretches all the way back to the Edo Period (1603-1868), Kumano brushes have become a brand recognized even internationally.nihon-ichiban.comDue to the mountainous nature of their area, the farmers here always had difficulty making a living out of farming alone. To earn extra money, many men would go find work in other areas such as Nara. Traveling back and forth, they would buy writing brushes and re-sell them on the way back home to make some money on the way. Around 1840, a group of enterprising farmers decided to start manufacturing high-quality brushes themsel...
2018 - 05 - 03
byCHLOE METZGER  202 SHARESbyCHLOE METZGER  202 SHARES 1 YEAR AGOEvery few weeks, I get a text from a friend asking me how to clean makeup brushes. “Do I just use soap?” or, “I read somewhere that [insert random food item] can be used to clean them?” or, “Do I even have to clean them?” (Ugh, YES.) And then I launch into a long conversation about how exactly you wash your makeup brushes and Beauty Blenders, and around and around we go.Clearly, there’s a bunch of confusing information out there, and even more clearly, makeup brushes are not getting cleaned the way they should be (or at all, which is too horrible to think about…all of that harbored bacteria…). So instead of leaving you to your own devices with a possibly crappy DIY recipe, we broke down the five best ...
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