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The best make-up brushes your beauty tool kit needs

Date: 2013-12-11
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The best make-up brushes your beauty tool kit needs

Build the perfect beauty tool kit with our industry-approved pick of the best make-up brushes

As any good make-up artist will tell you, a great finish can depend entirely on your tools. You might have primer that makes your skin as smooth as stone and foundation that feels like silk, but without the best make-up brushes you can get your hands on, you won’t get a flawless finish.

Of course, your make-up brush life will be significantly lengthened if you look after your kit clean your brushes regularly. It may seem like it requires a lot of effort, but in reality it’s pretty easy and is worth the time – some people have been putting their brushes in the wash, which (as a make-up artist confirmed) is not OK.

From the precision of a pencil to super soft and fluffy brushes, equip yourself with these beauties in your tool kit and you’ll have a winning finish every single time. Trust us, the best make-up brushes are worth the spends.

Best make-up brushes for foundation

The best make-up brushes your beauty tool kit needs

Of course, there are some cases where you won’t need a brush to apply your foundation; some, like NARS’ All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, are designed to be warmed slightly in your hand and then applied with the fingers. But for the most part, you would probably rather have some sort of tool to hand to get that flawless finish.

So which type of brush should you go for? It’s all dependent on the kind of foundation you use.

For super liquid-y formulas, a flat paddle brush like Chanel Pinceau Fond de Teint, £30, Boots, will help to evenly blend your base from the centre outwards. For cream formulas, however, you want a denser packed brush for good coverage with a seamless finish. When it comes to these, Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush, £32,, is a real hero and one of the softest brushes we’ve ever come across. Technically a foundation brush, but this can be used for pretty much any cream formula – blusher, bronzer, highlighter…

Then there are powders, which require (usually quite huge) brushes that get an even coverage all over your face. The denser the brush, the better the coverage, so if you’re just setting your base with powder, go for a loose brush like Lancôme Powder Brush 1, £29,

Best eye make-up brushes

The best make-up brushes your beauty tool kit needs

It might seem like there are endless eye brushes on the market, so let us break down the big ones. First things first, your basic shadow brush should be dense enough to pick up pigment, but loose enough that shadow can be easily blended across the eye, like Illamasqua’s Eye Shadow Brush, £19.50, Debenhams. Meanwhile an angled version is useful for applying darker colour into the crease – give Estée Lauder’s Contour Shadow Brush, £20, a go.

A blender brush is essential for smudging out a smokey eye to finish it off, or for a light touch of shadow. Try Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Blender Brush, £25, on for size. Not only is it the perfect addition to your eye brush collection, but who doesn’t love rose gold?

Just above the eyes, a dual-ended brow brush is also an absolute must – one end for combing out your brows and the other for defining with your brow product of choice. Benefit’s Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie, £15.50,, is a good example and very reasonably priced.

Best make-up brushes for blusher

The best make-up brushes your beauty tool kit needs

Powder blushes require a looser bristled brush to help evenly sweep blusher across your cheeks – but be sure to choose one with a full brush head, like The Body Shop’s Blusher Brush, £12, For cream formulas, we reckon you’ll get on well with NARS #23 Wet/Dry Blush Brush, £32,, which is great for stippling colour. However, some women prefer an angled brush for blush, like MAC’s 168SH Large Angled Contour Brush, £28,, as these hug the contours of your cheeks when applying colour.

Need a new blusher? Our site Powder will pair you with the perfect blush to make your cheeks flush!

The best make-up brushes your beauty tool kit needs

Addicted to make-up brushes? You can never have too many, we say. That’s why (if you don’t own one already) you’ll probably want a separate, smaller brush kit you can take on the go. Mac have an amazing Basic Brush Kit, £49,, that’s an absolute steal, complete with shorter handled versions of all of your favourite full-sized tools.

If you’re a bit of a beginner to the make-up brush game, a basics set will set you up with the fundamentals for your kit, but be warned: it’ll probably start your make-up brush addiction, too. Real Techniques, founded by YouTube sensations the Pixiwoo sisters, are a great brand to look to if you’re just getting started and they have some great brush sets to boot. The Flawless Base Set, £22.99, Boots, has four of the face essentials (contour, concealer, powder and foundation) and comes with a brush holder to keep your tools together on your dressing table.

Words by Natalie Lukaitis and Sarah Barnes

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