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Why you need makeup brush?

Date: 2018-11-05
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Your face is a canvas, deserving of the finest brushes — who knows that better than efri?

Makeup artists have been buying our efri and Le Coellon brand art brushes for years — that's why we developed these high-quality brushes for professional and personal use. Handmade makeup brushs( set) in China to our specifications, every brush set contains fine synthetic fibre( nylon hair) natural goat / horse / squirrel / mink hair.

Professional results at the best high quality low price makeup brushes (set)!

Professional manufacturer industrial makeup brushes(set) — The makeup cosmetic brushes(set)  contains male / female makeup brushese( set), custom logo( private lable) makeup brushes(set), glittler makeup brushes(set) , metal / plastic / wood / bamboo / electropating handle makeup brushe(set). It includes the following brushes:

· Angular/ fan/ flat/ smudge makeup brush

· Face / eye / lip / body makeup brush

· Blusher / powder / liner / foundation / blending makeup brush

· Diamond / mermaid / normal / flower / padding makeup brush

· Pink / black / white / yellow / green / red / makeup brush

· Charcoal antibacterial makeup brush


When cosmetics are applied using the appropriate brush, they blend better into the skin.

As a China famous gold cosmetic brush manufacturer/supplier, efris beauty makeup tools /bag/products/tips/ trends/ tutorials and beauty makeup brush lover /artist/collection can promise you to make professional tools for beauty. When cosmetics are applied using the appropriate brush, they blend better into the skin.

We pursuit high quality products and we are innovated in making makeup brush.Welcome you to be here!

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